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Model Style: Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly is my favorite model, and by the fact that I love her beauty, but also her style. Natasha I add a lot of black elements, which I believe are necessary, beacuse give it a little bit of elegance and mystery;) models usually casual dress simply and comfortably loose jeans (torn up pretty well as present), and this comfortable T-shirt, total this classic costume, which immediately reminds me of the model are simple jeans and a loose white T-shirt, but obviously not always the case;))
Models often borrow a little "rock and roll style" which often look great when they are great and tall figures!;))

Name;Natasha Poly
Born: 12 July 1985
Height; 1.78 m
I hate it when they say that models are like mannequins, and not the people in the flesh. muse magazine

Jackets! Fashion is a style of male borrowing. Now they are even shoes (For example men jazz shoes or even a la Jodhpur boots for men;)

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  1. i love natasha poly ,she's supernatural and beautiful! and your new style of blog is great! ;)

  2. me encanta natasha poly y su estilazo! vuestro blog genial!