niedziela, 29 sierpnia 2010

"My Stuff"

Hi everyone , thanks jeansplease(, for the inclusion of me to play ;) today will present you 10 things that I love to play and invite 10 fashion bloggers. Wish me Good Luck!

New York City-I do not know a better place on earth that would fit me;)

Vogue- I'm a collector;]

Gucci-modern style and with the sense of taste , I love their platform;)

"Sex and the city"- that always makes me happy;]

French- J'aime cette langue...POUR TOUJOURS !

Mother-is a strong woman who always impressive to me...

Angelina Jolie-I love her personality and beauty is my authority...

Horse riding-it makes me much pleasure as any other sports.

Italian and Japanese cuisine-sushi, pasta, pizza love...

Fashion Show-my dream is to see a fashion show with beautiful models esteemed designers.

Fashion Bloggers;